Angelo e Diego Saini
About us
Photographers active in the field
of art and advertising photography
for more than thirty years, Angelo with
previous experiences like chromium
lithographer and photographer in the 60s
at important photolitho firms in Milan
and in the 70s at Amilcare Pizzi
Editorial Group in Cinisello Balsamo - and
Diego who - side by side over the decades -
inherits the experience from him
continuing the profession and applying
his own sensibility to new technologies.

The professional collaborations with
art galleries and museums, the friendships
born with artists not only of the milanese-
lombard-ligurian scene and the passion
we have always had for art,
drove us to follow our own path
researching and experimenting in
photography, graphics and design.
Any shape, sign, trace, material
touches, intrigues and surprises us.
All this is an addictive call.
Documenting photographically, finding and
recovering objects to a new visibility,
has become a necessity.
Conveying emotions and unexpected
sensations is our commitment.

Our project has materialized in 2017:
we have opened Spazio Libertà,
exhibition and cultural space
of personal works.